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Download Gabe's TypOmeter v2

You are free to download the latest version of Gabe's TypOmeter here , approx 2.5 MB. Please note you have to unzip the zip-file tmSetup.zip, then run the installation program tmSetup.exe.

Download the skin template in PSD format

If you want to create your own skins, you are free to download the Skin Template for Gabe's TypOmeter here. The template is in Adobe Photoshop (PSD) format, and creaed and saved using Adobe Photoshop 5.0. This is the template I have used to create all the available skins. The template is zipped, so you have to unzip it.

Download Skins for the TypOmeter

Make sure you save the downloaded skin into the ..\TypOmeter\Skins\ directory. This will normally be the "C:\Program Files\Informatics\TypOmeter\Skins\" directory. If you have not installed the TypOmeter on the default place, you have to find the ..\TypOmeter\Skins\ directory yourself.

If you download the BMP (140kb), you only need to save the skin directly into the skins-directory.
If you download the ZIP (34kb), you first have to unzip the skin (using WinZip or something similar), then save the unzipped BMP into the mentioned directory.

Immediately after you have saved your Skin to the Skin Directory, the Skin will be available in the Skin menu. (You don't need to restart or anything) Simply open the menu (right click on the TypOmeter), and you will find your new Skin in the list. The name of the Skin in the Menu is the same as the file name of the skin (without the bmp).

Available Skins:


Description: A weird 3D kind of thing, where the TypOmeter seems to be made out of concrete. If you keep the TypOmeter in the lower right corner of the screen, the lightning is correct.
Autor: Thor-Willy Gabrielsen
Date added: 01.01.2002

Downloads: Download Concrete.bmp here, or download Concrete.zip here.


Description: A theme from the motion picture Matrix. BTW, IMHO, one of the best SciFi movies for a looong time!
Autor: Thor-Willy Gabrielsen. Background image copied from a Matrix Web site.
Date added: 01.01.2002

Downloads: Download Matrix2.bmp here, or download Matrix2.zip here.

Fawlty Towers

Description: A theme from the hilarious British comic series Fawlty Towers.
Autor: Thor-Willy Gabrielsen. Background image copied from a Fawlty Towers Web site.
Date added: 01.01.2002

Downloads: Download FawltyTowers.bmp here, or download FawltyTowers.zip here.

Gold Ball

Description: Simply a big ball, made out of pure Gold!
Autor: Thor-Willy Gabrielsen.
Date added: 02.01.2002

Downloads: Download GoldBall.bmp here, or download GoldBall.zip here.


Description: A metal ball, where you even can see the reflections from the screen. If you are working in a text-editor of some kind, and has the TypOmeter in the lower right corner, the reflection and shadows seems correct.
Autor: Thor-Willy Gabrielsen.
Date added: 05.01.2002

Downloads: Download Metal.bmp here, or download Metal.zip here.

All Available Skins

Description: Download a collection of all the above mentioned skins in one convenient zip-file
Autor: All the above mentioned Autors
Date added: -

Downloads: Download the collection AllSkins.zip here.

Make your own Skin

If you find these skins boring, you can easily design skins yourself. Just make a bmp picture according to these guidelines, and select it in the Skin-menu.

Submit your Skin

If you have designed a cool Skin, please send it to me at gabrielsen@informatics.no, and I will publish it on this site.

Support and Copyrights

Please refer to the online help for further details about options and functionality in Gabe's TypOmeter.

This application is Freeware, and you are free to distribute the installation file tmSetup.zip anywhere. The latest version will always be available at http://www.informatics.no

All use of this application is at your own risk.

For support or any question regarding this application please send an e-mail to gabrielsen@informatics.no.

Copyright (c) Informatics 1998, 2002